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Secure. Private. Convenient.

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Dencrypt Communication Solution

Protected communication

Dencrypt Communication Solution is an integrated communication platform that enables secure, encrypted communication on your regular smartphone using any available data connection. Dencrypt Communication Solution consists of the Dencrypt Connex app and Dencrypt Server System.

Dencrypt Connex is the app that lets you make voice calls, video calls, and send messages securely. End-to-end Dynamic Encryption ensures that your data are fully protected. Dencrypt Connex is available on iOS and Android devices.

Dencrypt Server System is the platform for secure user management, call and message routing, and authentication. Dencrypt Server System is available as a cloud solution or can be deployed on-premises.

Dencrypt Connex and Dencrypt Server System are Common Criteria certified and NATO approved.

Dencrypt Connex

Connex is a user-friendly smartphone application that protects your smartphone communication with state-of-the-art Dynamic Encryption over non-secure digital infrastructure such as Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile networks and satellite links. It features end-to-end encrypted voice, video, and messages.

Connex is delivered from app stores or a mobile device management system. Read more: Dencrypt

Dencrypt Server System

The Dencrypt Server System provides the infrastructure that enables secure mobile communication from the Dencrypt Connex app.

It is delivered as a cloud service or as an enterprise solution for organisations that require full control of all parts of their communication solution.

Dencrypt Server System is Common Criteria certified and NATO approved. Read more: Dencrypt


Experts in Secure Communication

Dencrypt’s mission is to enable everyone to communicate in confidence. We combine advanced encryption technology with ease of use to let you communicate securely on your favourite device.

Our proprietary Dynamic Encryption technology provides the best protection of your confidential communication. Make voice calls, video calls, send messages and attachments and know that your data are safely transmitted.

Our solution is Common Criteria Certified and NATO approved for classified communication.

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