VASCO has a new name, we are now OneSpan

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VASCO has a new name, we are now OneSpan

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One vendor, one partner, one foundation that spans all your security and e-signature needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Big changes always come with questions. To provide some clarity, we’ve assembled a list of answers below to the most frequently asked questions about our new solutions and brand.

Why did VASCO rebrand as OneSpan?

Changing our brand is the best way to signify the profound enhancements that we have made to our company and products. While we have earned a strong reputation in hardware authentication, we are expanding our emphasis on our software and cloud solutions to address the evolving needs of our customers and marketplace. Our new Trusted Identity Platform and Intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution represent our latest offerings.

What is your Trusted Identity Platform?

This is a profoundly innovative approach for detecting fraud in real-time and ensuring a seamless customer experience by managing all of your security solutions more easily and intelligently. Its cloud-based, open architecture leverages sophisticated orchestration technology to bring together leading risk analytics, mobile app security, and authentication solutions from multiple vendors and your own development into a single platform. This flexible, plug-and-play approach to fraud prevention enables new 3rd party capabilities, data sources, and tools to be easily added or switched to support your evolving business challenges and technology requirements. Click here to learn more.

What is your new Intelligent Adaptive Authentication offering?

The first cloud-based service supported by our Trusted Identity Platform is our own intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and rule sets in combination with behavioral analysis, biometrics, risk analytics, and mobile app security to intelligently apply the right level of security, based on the risk-level of each unique customer transaction to ensure a frictionless digital experience. Click here to learn more.

Are you the same or a different company now?

We are the same company but with a new name and visual identity. That means you will continue to receive the same great products, services, and support as before. This also means that all of your existing contracts, agreements and proposals with VASCO are still valid and applicable with OneSpan.

Do we need to redo/resign any paperwork with OneSpan?

No, you do not. Since we are the same company, your existing contracts, agreements and proposals are all valid and applicable with OneSpan. Going forward, new documents that you will sign with us will transition to our new OneSpan name.

Have your other products changed?

Our software and hardware solutions have the same powerful features and functionality. However, we changed the names of our software solutions to reflect our new name. The new names align with common market terms, and make it easier to understand what our software products do. The names of our hardware products have not changed.

Always Moving Forward

OneSpan is moving forward as an industry leader so that you can make bold advances in your digital transformation.

Visit our new website and explore the future with OneSpan.

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