New Product: Micro Focus AD Bridge 1.0

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New Product: Micro Focus AD Bridge 1.0

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Micro Focus is pleased to announce the release of AD Bridge 1.0, which is now available to customers worldwide. This new product enables our customers to leverage their existing investment in Active Directory to better manage and secure Linux resources. Extending familiar and effective AD controls and policies to Linux unifies the environment and drives consistency to support governance and compliance.

AD Bridge 1.0 includes with the following key capabilities:

·       Server management – turns manual, fragmented processes and scripts into a unified server management strategy by applying familiar and effective AD server controls to Linux resources. 

·       User management – implements familiar AD user controls and utilizes the same identity for access to both Windows and Linux resources, supporting identity and access management best practices. 

·       Policy enforcement – introduces process and brings unmanaged Linux resources under control of AD group policy to ensure security policies are consistently applied and enforced for every identity across the organization.

·       Complete audit coverage – enables the recording of administrative activity and authorization across the entire environment, including Linux. This improves overall visibility when access to audit logs is required for troubleshooting or audits.

·       Enhanced reporting – allows you to generate consistent reports that include both Linux and Windows data. This can ease the process of meeting governance and compliance mandates.

Please note that the release of Micro Focus AD Bridge 1.0 is just a first step in the path of enterprise policy transformation for your customers.

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