Enterprise Suite 5.0 – The New Economics of Enterprise Computing!

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Enterprise Suite 5.0 – The New Economics of Enterprise Computing!

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Announcing Enterprise Suite 5.0 | Micro Focus Blog

This week Micro Focus released its latest update of its Enterprise Suite mainframe application delivery technology, version 5.0. The Micro Focus Enterprise product suite improves application modernization for IBM mainframe PL/I and COBOL development and operations team.

Some organizations are seriously exploring scale-out (multiple commodity servers running parallel workload deployments) instead of scale-up (workload consolidated on a single, large-scale platform) to meet certain business requirements. And it’s no surprise that Micro Focus can offer that flexibility. Included in the 5.0 release of the Micro Focus Enterprise Suite include new facilities to support scale-out architecture for large, complex enterprise systems:

  • Providing linear performance scaling means applications running on scale-out environments that can expand and contract on demand;
  • Providing highly available support and redundancy that removes single points of failure across infrastructure, applications and data;
  • Enabling the operation of business systems that are running across multiple nodes;
  • Supporting deployment onto multiple Enterprise server regions that can be scaled on premise, in cloud instances or in containers which provides predictable application performance throughput;
  • Supporting multiple instances of application deployment removes single points of failure. One Enterprise Server instance failing will not interrupt business continuity, as capacity can be shared with other regions while new instances are automatically started;
  • Removing availability issues with COBOL or PL/I data, by hosting VSAM files in a relational database (MS SQL Server or PostGres (Aurora in AWS));
  • Managing deployment complexity by grouping Enterprise Server regions in a scale-out architecture as logical clusters (performance and availability clusters) and managing them through a new admin interface. The new Enterprise Server Admin UI can manage all Enterprise Server assets regardless of where they reside in the hybrid infrastructure.

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