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New opportunities with the new Fujitsu fi-7800 and fi-7900 scanners

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Simply scan more documents (including mixed formats) with more reliable accuracy and less downtime. Combine the new Fujitsu fi-7800 and fi-7900 with the PaperStream software and service plans to create the Complete Scan Solution. By raising productivity, the combination enables your customers to free up their people and resources so that they can focus on growing their business.

The fi-7900 provides high quality technology for reliable scanning, a user-friendly design inherited from our high-end scanners, as well as enhanced image processing functions.
Output Resolution: Up to 600 dpi
Speed: 140 ppm (simplex) / 280 ipm (duplex) in Color, Grayscale and Monochrome @ 200 and 300 dpi
Paper Size: Min ADF: 52 x 74 mm (2 x 3 in.) – Max ADF: 304.8 x 431.8 mm (12 x 17 in.)
ADF Capacity: Up to 500 sheets
More Details  >>>
The fi-7800 provides high quality technology for reliable scanning, a user-friendly design inherited from our high-end scanners, as well as enhanced image processing functions.
Output Resolution: Up to 600 dpi
Speed: 110 ppm (simplex) / 220 ipm (duplex) in Color, Grayscale and Monochrome @ 200 and 300 dpi
Paper Size: Min ADF: 52 x 74 mm (2 x 3 in.) – Max ADF: 304.8 x 431.8 mm (12 x 17 in.)
ADF Capacity: Up to 500 sheets
More Details  >>>

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Test drive AuthPoint today!

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You asked. We from WatchGuard listened. Now our partners have an easy way to demo AuthPoint. This tool was created this tool with that feedback in mind. It’s now up to you to start using it.

The demos are quick, interactive, click-through experiences that show how easy it is to use and manage AuthPoint. No downloads or forms required.

How to use these demos:
• Do quick demos during AuthPoint product pitches
• Post about them on social to drive leads
• Send them to existing customers that would benefit from MFA
Have 2 minutes? Try them now!

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SUSE Product Announcement

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New Release

20019 – SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 MLA/VLA Details

20020 – SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 IHV/ISV Details

20021 – SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 APPLIANCE Details

20022 – SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 CLOUD Details

20023 – SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 1 MLA/VLA Details

20024 – SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 1 IHV/ISV Details

20025 – SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 1 APPLIANCE Details

20026 – SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 1 CLOUD Details

20027 – SUSE Manager 4 MLA/VLA Details

20028 – SUSE Manager 4 IHV/ISV Details

20029 – SUSE Manager 4 APPLIANCE Details

20030 – SUSE Manager 4 CLOUD Details

20031 – SUSE Manager for Retail 4 MLA/VLA Details

20032 – SUSE Manager  for Retail 4 IHV/ISV Details

Product Discontinuation

20033 – End of Long Term Service Pack Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 GA  MLA/VLA Details

20034 – Discontinuation of Regional Services and Consulting offerings- AUD Corporate MLA/VLA Details

20035 – Discontinuation of Regional Services and Consulting offerings- CAD Corporate MLA/VLA Details

20036 – Discontinuation of Regional Services and Consulting offerings- EUR Corporate MLA/VLA Details

20037 – Discontinuation of Regional Services and Consulting offerings- USD CHINA Corporate MLA/VLA Details

More information about all new releases and features of the SUSE products and solutions you can receive from Escom Bulgaria’s team. You can contact us at email: or phone number: +359 2 979 97 85.

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New Product: Micro Focus AD Bridge 1.0

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Micro Focus is pleased to announce the release of AD Bridge 1.0, which is now available to customers worldwide. This new product enables our customers to leverage their existing investment in Active Directory to better manage and secure Linux resources. Extending familiar and effective AD controls and policies to Linux unifies the environment and drives consistency to support governance and compliance.

AD Bridge 1.0 includes with the following key capabilities:

·       Server management – turns manual, fragmented processes and scripts into a unified server management strategy by applying familiar and effective AD server controls to Linux resources. 

·       User management – implements familiar AD user controls and utilizes the same identity for access to both Windows and Linux resources, supporting identity and access management best practices. 

·       Policy enforcement – introduces process and brings unmanaged Linux resources under control of AD group policy to ensure security policies are consistently applied and enforced for every identity across the organization.

·       Complete audit coverage – enables the recording of administrative activity and authorization across the entire environment, including Linux. This improves overall visibility when access to audit logs is required for troubleshooting or audits.

·       Enhanced reporting – allows you to generate consistent reports that include both Linux and Windows data. This can ease the process of meeting governance and compliance mandates.

Please note that the release of Micro Focus AD Bridge 1.0 is just a first step in the path of enterprise policy transformation for your customers.

Useful resources:

Data Sheet –

Introduction Video –

Micro Focus Web Page –

Product Download URL –

Documentation –

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VASCO has a new name, we are now OneSpan

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One vendor, one partner, one foundation that spans all your security and e-signature needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Big changes always come with questions. To provide some clarity, we’ve assembled a list of answers below to the most frequently asked questions about our new solutions and brand.

Why did VASCO rebrand as OneSpan?

Changing our brand is the best way to signify the profound enhancements that we have made to our company and products. While we have earned a strong reputation in hardware authentication, we are expanding our emphasis on our software and cloud solutions to address the evolving needs of our customers and marketplace. Our new Trusted Identity Platform and Intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution represent our latest offerings.

What is your Trusted Identity Platform?

This is a profoundly innovative approach for detecting fraud in real-time and ensuring a seamless customer experience by managing all of your security solutions more easily and intelligently. Its cloud-based, open architecture leverages sophisticated orchestration technology to bring together leading risk analytics, mobile app security, and authentication solutions from multiple vendors and your own development into a single platform. This flexible, plug-and-play approach to fraud prevention enables new 3rd party capabilities, data sources, and tools to be easily added or switched to support your evolving business challenges and technology requirements. Click here to learn more.

What is your new Intelligent Adaptive Authentication offering?

The first cloud-based service supported by our Trusted Identity Platform is our own intelligent Adaptive Authentication solution. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and rule sets in combination with behavioral analysis, biometrics, risk analytics, and mobile app security to intelligently apply the right level of security, based on the risk-level of each unique customer transaction to ensure a frictionless digital experience. Click here to learn more.

Are you the same or a different company now?

We are the same company but with a new name and visual identity. That means you will continue to receive the same great products, services, and support as before. This also means that all of your existing contracts, agreements and proposals with VASCO are still valid and applicable with OneSpan.

Do we need to redo/resign any paperwork with OneSpan?

No, you do not. Since we are the same company, your existing contracts, agreements and proposals are all valid and applicable with OneSpan. Going forward, new documents that you will sign with us will transition to our new OneSpan name.

Have your other products changed?

Our software and hardware solutions have the same powerful features and functionality. However, we changed the names of our software solutions to reflect our new name. The new names align with common market terms, and make it easier to understand what our software products do. The names of our hardware products have not changed.

Always Moving Forward

OneSpan is moving forward as an industry leader so that you can make bold advances in your digital transformation.

Visit our new website and explore the future with OneSpan.

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DeviceLock® DLP Suite 8.3 just updated!

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DeviceLock® DLP Suite 8.3 just updated!

DeviceLock, Inc., a leading developer of data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions, today announced the update of DeviceLock DLP Suite 8.3.

What’s New in DeviceLock 8.3.72878 (versus 8.3.72562):

  • NetworkLock: Added new protocol: “Web Search”. The “Web Search” control supports blocking, allowing, auditing, alerting, shadowing, and content analysis of search requests on supported services. The supported services are: Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Mail.Ru,, AOL Search, Rambler, Wolfram Alpha, DuckDuckGo, WebCrawler,, Wayback Machine, Dogpile, StartPage, Excite, NAVER, and
  • NetworkLock: Enhanced Gmail and Rambler Web Mail protocol controls.
  • ContentLock / Search Server / Discovery: Added support for text extraction from Hancom Office files format (.hwp).
  • DeviceLock: Added integration with Rutoken Disk encrypted removable flash drives to the Encryption Detection list. DeviceLock detects Rutoken Disk drives and applies special “encrypted” Removable device type permissions to their encrypted (or “hidden”) partitions.
  • DeviceLock: A new variable “%REASON%” has been added to the optional “Content-Aware Blocked Read” and “Content-Aware Blocked Write” user pop up messages. This variable, when included in the custom message, specifies the name of Content-Aware Rule which was triggered and blocked the data access or transfer.
  • DeviceLock: All dynamic lists in DeviceLock Enterprise Server and DeviceLock Discovery Server now support selection of several AD/LDAP paths simultaneously.
  • DeviceLock: Optimized disk space usage by SQL Server when storing DeviceLock Enterprise Server’s database with digital fingerprints.
  • DeviceLock: Fixed issue that caused BitLocker To Go encryption integration malfunction on latest Windows 10 versions.
  • DeviceLock: Improved agent’s tamper protection function on latest Windows 10 versions that is activated using the DeviceLock Administrators function when the Enable Default Security setting is unchecked.

    DeviceLock DLP Suite components are priced on a modular basis. DeviceLock, a leading port and peripheral device access control component, can be purchased independently. As all components are included in any Suite’s installation, customers interested in the ContentLock and NetworkLock add-on components can deploy their DLP functionality incrementally by simply turning on additional capabilities as their security requirements demand and budgets allow.
  • Please visit DeviceLock’s website and download DeviceLock DLP at:

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Volkswagen Foundation invests in streamlined network

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The Volkswagen Foundation is investing in macmon Network Access Control (NAC)to completely prepare its network for current and future security demands. At the same time, intelligent automation is relieving the load on IT employees.

Old systems too rigid and complicated

With just over 200 end devices (printers, desktop PCs and laptops) for 105 employees, the Volkswagen Foundation is a relatively small organisation. But as an important sponsor of training, science and technology for research and education, it bears a significant social and financial responsibility – which is why it requires the best possible protection against unauthorised access.

The Foundation had already implemented a Network Access Control solution from a US provider to protect its network access, the first and most important line of defence in data protection. However, this solution tied the IT team to its provider to a certain extent, making it difficult to update the infrastructure and flexibly adapt it to new requirements. Furthermore, support inquiries were a long and complicated process, as no local service team was available within Germany for direct contact. Another problem posed by the old solution was the time-consuming operation and high level of complexity, as it was much too cluttered for the relatively simple infrastructure. This meant that even small changes required great effort and the management of the solution alone took up a significant part of the workday for the two in-house network administrators.

Simple. Secure. In just four weeks.

Changing the infrastructure over from VDX to ICX switches made it possible for the Volkswagen Foundation to throw off the shackles of the previous NAC solution. This is due to the fact that ICX switches, in addition to most other switches, are compatible with the completely manufacturer-independent macmon NAC solution, which made it possible to easily change to the far more convenient German solution. As the solution of the Berlin-based technology leader functions independently of hardware, the Volkswagen Foundation IT team was able to freely build its environment from best-ofbreed hardware and software to implement the level of protection that was just right for the organisation. In addition to the added functional values, the fact that macmon is completely developed in Germany and therefore poses no risks of hidden backdoors, which third parties could use to evade the security measures unnoticed, was an important factor. Only four weeks passed between making the decision in favour of the macmon NAC version 5.3.0 and the complete replacement of the old solution. Following implementation, macmon was operated in reading mode alongside the old solution. In addition to the NAC basic module, the VLAN Manager module and the Graphical Topology were deployed. During this first test phase, employees were able to familiarise themselves with the functions and the easy operation of the macmon solution. The IT team quickly realised that macmon is nowhere near as complicated as the old solution and is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the Volkswagen Foundation. The topological representation offers a complete overview and a large number of intuitive management options for all network devices in the network. The dynamic VLAN Manager won the IT team over with its high degree of automation and predefined set of rules, meaning that only a single additional rule had to be written. Other network switches were connected step by step during the changeover until macmon was able to fully replace the old solution after only four weeks. Thanks to the preceding reading and learning phase, all device were already classified in macmon, meaning it was nearly as easy as flipping a switch to transfer the new NAC solution into production mode.

All-round protection with a real future

Access to the network is now granted on the basis of different criteria, such as the MAC address, username/ password or certificate. The certificate is the highest level of authentication. Since access to the network is granted by the switch only after confirmation has been provided by the RADIUS server, there are no unused or non-secure ports – as recommended by the BSI*. The ease of use of the solution makes it very quick to put into operation and also allows for easy switching to combined operation with and without 802.1X if required. With macmon, the Volkswagen Foundation has transformed its Network Access Control from an irksome, awkward and Sisyphean task that prevented valuable IT resources from performing productive work into a central, future-proof and convenient security authority in the network.

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DeviceLock Inc. обяви актуализацията на DeviceLock DLP Suite версия 8.3

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DeviceLock, Inc., водещ разработчик на решения за защита от изтичане и загуба на данни (DLP), обяви актуализацията на DeviceLock DLP Suite версия 8.3.

Какво е новото в DeviceLock 8.3.72878 (в сравнение с 8.3.72562):

  • NetworkLock: Добавен е нов протокол: “Web Search”, който поддържа услугите блокиране, разрешаване, одит, предупреждение, анализ на съдържанието. Новата версия работи с: Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Mail.Ru,, AOL Search, Rambler, Wolfram Alpha, DuckDuckGo, WebCrawler,, Wayback Machine, Dogpile, StartPage, Excite, NAVER, и
  • NetworkLock: Подобрена проверка на Gmail и Rambler Web Mail протоколи.
  • ContentLock / Search Server / Discovery: Добавена е опция за екстракт на текстове от Hancom Office – формат на файловете (.hwp).
  • DeviceLock: Добавена е интеграция с криптирани, сменяеми флаш устройства Rutoken Disk към Encryption Detection списък. DeviceLock открива Rutoken Disk драйвери и прилага специални „шифровани“ разрешения, тип „Removable device type“, към техните криптирани или „скрити“ дялове.
  • DeviceLock: Нова променлива, “%REASON%”, е добавена към потребителските изскачащи съобщения, към незадължителните “Content-Aware Blocked Read” и “Content-Aware Blocked Write”. Тази променлива, която е включена в персонализираното съобщение, посочва името на Правилото за съдържание, което е било задействано и блокира достъпа до данни или трансфера.
  • DeviceLock: Всички динамични списъци в DeviceLock Enterprise Server и DeviceLock Discovery Server, вече поддържат селекция на няколко AD/LDAP маршрута едновременно.
  • DeviceLock: Оптимизирано използване на дисково пространство от SQL Server, при съхраняване на базата данни с цифрови пръстови отпечатъци на DeviceLock Enterprise Servers.
  • DeviceLock: Поправена грешка, която е причинила „BitLocker To Go“ неправилна функция за криптирано интегриране, при последните версии на Windows 10.
  • DeviceLock: Подобрена защитна „agent’s tamper“ функция, на последните версии на Windows 10, активирани чрез функцията DeviceLock Administrators, когато настройката Enable Default Security не е отметната.

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